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Hubble Discovers A New (4th) Moon Circling Not-A-Planet Pluto

Pluto's 4th Moon, P4 - Image courtesy NASA

Pluto's 4th Moon, P4 - Image courtesy NASA

I was pretty miffed when some hotshot astronomers decided to downgrade Pluto from a bona fide planet to a not-a-planet-but-we’ll-call-it-a-dwarf-planet-so-as-not-to-miff-people. Just so you know, I and all other seven members in SP3 (the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet) are still miffed. Now, they tell us they have “discovered” (why do we still use those derogatory terms) a new moon, the 4th one (and dubbed P4 for now), circling not-a-planet Pluto. Just wait until they discover signs of life on Pluto, that’ll show the punks! 😉

Oh, they discovered P4 while trying to “discover” rings around Pluto. 😉

View more pictures at: NASA.

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Editor’s note: For some unknown reasons (planets alignment, who knows), we seem to be in a somewhat sarcastic mood these days (it may have to do with sites just “reporting” the news, paroding what’s in print, whether they make sense or not). There are, however, always readers who don’t get [hopefully viewed as mild, friendly and unhurtful] sarcasm. This little smiling face with a wink is your clue that it’s all in good spirit, no mean feelings intended: 😉