ISS transits the Moon by Mariano Ribas & Photographing Comet Pan-STARRS

Source: via Photoxels on Pinterest

This is just a beautiful picture of the International Space Station passing over the Moon taken by Mariano Ribas.

Also, do not forget that tonight, March 12th, is a wonderful opportunity to take a picture of Comet Pan-STARRS close to the moon. How do you find the comet? According to

Look low and west after sunset for the Moon and Pan-STARRS only a few degrees apart. Let the Moon guide you to the comet; it is visible to the naked eye if you know where to look. Binoculars are helpful, too.

You may need to do two quick shots, one exposed for the moon and the other one exposed for the comet, then layer them together in post-processing.

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More photography tips about photographying the comet at: Bob Atkins.