IKEA Offers Do-It-Yourself Conductive Mittens

From smfbstats

To launch the iPad version of the IKEA-catalogue in Norway, advertising agency smfb created a new IKEA product called “BERÖRA”. It’s a sewing kit with a special conductive silver thread to sew into the index finger of your favourite gloves or mittens. It is the silver thread that conducts electricity from your finger to the touch screen of the iPad. No need to remove gloves or mittens to operate the iPad now. Or your digital camera equipped with touch screen LCD. Brillant! 12,000 kits sold out in 2 weeks. Only in Norway. Hopefully we’ll see this campaign in N.A. and elsewhere in the world (wherever IKEA stores operate) soon.

Here’s a free tip to IKEA marketing dept.: why not start a (free) “Learn Swedish” kit? I am surprised that with all the traffic that IKEA gets in its stores and online that more of us have not learned a smattering of Swedish yet. Simple words like Thank-you, Please, Right, Left, Help, etc.

via psfk