I Am Camera, Kinda

Two Kingston students, Luke Evans and and Josh Lake, created human photograms by swallowing a piece of 35mm slide film. The film traveled through the body, got digested and eventually excreted. Now in case you think the results are photographs, they are not. There was no light exposure as such.

Instead, the “bumps, scratches, and marks left on the damaged emulsion surface from our bodies were examined through a scanning electron microscope.” It’s the pictures obtained from the electron microscope that are exhibited. Lots of pictures from one small piece of film. Arguably, similar results could have been obtained from any material [anything excreted, for that matter] — not just film — that is viewed thru an electron microscope?

The process of munching, swallowing, the acid in the stomach, the enzymes in the body,.. by the time the piece of film is excreted, I wonder: would it still be recognizable as such?

It’s not a bad art idea, and they get top marks for originality.

View the “pictures” at: popfry and joshua-lake.

via CreativeReview