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How to determine the authenticity of a photo

Since it is now so easy to digitally manipulate a photo, can the latter be used in a courtroom anymore as photographic evidence? Ever since I first “discovered” way back that professional landscape photographers digitally enhanced and even doctored their images to produce those eye-catching “where in the world did they get this light” images, I have been suspicious of all the beautiful faux landscapes.

But can you really tell if a photo has been digitally doctored? Fourandsix Technologies wants to give you the tools to do just that, vowing to help you reveal the truth behind every photograph. It’s akin to using DNA to figure out if a photo has been doctored or is the real thing.

Fourandsix Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to the nascent field of image forensics—the analysis of digital images to determine their origin, editing history, and authenticity, or to reveal latent details that might be hard to discover with the naked eye. Our mission is to provide the tools that allow our customers to find the truth contained within every image.

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