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Primary School Photography Ban Reversed

A primary [elementary] school student, Martha Payne (aka Veg), started to take pictures of the lunch sold at her school cafetaria and posting it on her blog, NeverSeconds. She also does a kind of review of the meal: as in, how tasty it is, health rating, price, and even pieces of hair found in it. The school itself has been supportive, but the school council [board] decided to ban her photography, citing distress on catering staff serving the food.

Her blog has a purpose: to raise enough money to buy a Mary’s Meal kitchen in Malawi.

Of course, public outcry over the ban knocked a dollop of good old fashion common sense back into the heads of the councillors who quickly beat a retreat and hid behind their ineffective mumblings of wanting to do what’s best.

Martha Payne’s social conscience, photography, writing and blogging abilities are A+ in our books. Well done!

Visit our Featured Site: NeverSeconds.

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