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Google Clips is a Lightweight, Hands-Free Camera: Shoot Short Motion Photos That Last Several Seconds; Backup Unlimited Clips at No Cost

"Google Clips" Camera
"Google Clips" Camera

The following video presents Google Clips | A new way to capture and save moments:
Meet Google Clips, an entirely new type of camera designed with parents and pet owners in mind. It’s a hands-free camera that helps you capture spontaneous smiles, first steps, or first tricks.

Google today introduced the Google Clips camera.

Google Clips

It is a lightweight, hands-free camera.

We hope Google Clips helps you capture more spontaneous moments in life, without any of the hassle.

Juston Payne, Product Manager, Google Clips

The following video presents Google Clips | Get creative:
Capture fun, playful shots of family and pets with Google Clips! Clip it up high, set it down low or try anywhere in between for fun vantage points. Don’t forget to get yourself in the shot too!

Key Highlights of Google Clips

Google Clips

Google Clips

  • The camera shoots short motion photos that last several seconds, which Google calls “clips.”
  • Your clips sync wirelessly and in seconds from the camera to the Google Clips app for Android or iOS. Simply swipe to save or delete your clips, or choose an individual frame to save as a high-resolution still photo.
  • You can view and organize anything you’ve saved in Google Photos (or your favorite gallery app).
  • And if you’re using Google Photos, you can backup unlimited clips for FREE.
  • Privacy and Control: Google Clips lights up when it’s on so everyone knows what Clips does and when it’s capturing. As you capture with Clips, the camera learns to recognize the faces of people that matter to you and helps you capture more moments of them.
  • And just like any point-and-shoot, nothing leaves your device until you decide to save it and share it.

Availability and Pricing

Google Clips is coming soon to the U.S. for $249. In this first edition, Clips is designed specifically with parents and pet owners in mind. It works best with Pixel, and also works with Samsung S7/8 and on iPhone (6 and up).

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