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FUJIFILM X100 Owners: Win a Limited Edition 10th Anniversary X100V

fujifilm x series 10th anniversary
fujifilm x series 10th anniversary

Fujifilm certainly deserves all the praise and success they get from their X Series digital cameras. It all started 10 years ago in 2010 with the Finepix X100. It stole the heart of many photographers with its retro rangefinder look, dedicated shutter speed dial and aperture ring, and its hybrid optical / electronic viewfinder. And then, at about every 3 years interval, a new X100 was introduced that solved irritating issues, added features, and improved performance — taking into account owners’ feedback: the X100S (S = Second) in 2013, the X100T (T = Third) in 2014, the X100F (F = Fourth) in 2017 and finally the current X100V (V = Roman numeral Five) in 2020.

The X100 fixed lens compact cameras are dearly loved by photographers. Just one look may well steal your heart — and lighten your pocketbook.

To celebrate it’s 10th year anniversary, Fujifilm is running a photography contest. Unfortunately, submitted pictures have to have been taken with an X100 camera (i.e. by the owner). There are no restrictions on the genre. The prize is a limited edition 10th Anniversary X100V and the winner will also be featured in the exclusive X100: Framing a Decade exhibition at London’s FUJIFILM House of Photography!

September 2020 marks a decade since the birth of the FUJIFILM X100 series, so to celebrate, we’re running a photo competition showcasing the best shots you’ve taken with one of these legendary cameras.

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Here’s a promotional video for the X100V when it first came out: