Fujifilm Lenses

Fujifilm G Mount Lens Roadmap as of January 2020

Fujifilm has updated their G Mount Lens Roadmap as of January 2020.

There are now a total of 10 FUJINON G Mount (medium format) mirrorless lenses ranging in focal length from 23mm (18mm equiv.) to 250mm (198mm equiv.), and on to 350mm (277mm equiv.) with the use of the GF1.4X TC WR teleconverter. Of these, there are 3 zoom lenses and the rest are prime lenses. The newest lens is the GF45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR zoom lens. There is a GF30mmF3.5 R WR expected sometime this year and a GF80mmF1.7 R WR expected in 2021.