DSLR or Mirrorless, Which?

Though mirrorless cameras may offer technological improvements that will never see the light of day in a DSLR, though more and more pro photographers are finding practical reasons to switch from their trusty DSLR to a mirrorless camera, there are many valid reasons why you will still want to choose a DSLR over a mirrorless.

Here is an excellent article (Seven Reasons Why I’m Still a Nikon DSLR User) by Thom Hogan on why he uses a Nikon DSLR (D5 and D500) instead of a mirrorless — and why (or when) he could be convinced to eventually make the switch. Basically, it comes down to this: A camera is a tool in the photographer’s hands and you use whichever tool satisfy your photographic needs, period.

What Thom says about the improvements that mirrorless cameras have to implement if they really want pros like him to switch is right on target — and you can bet that mirrorless manufacturers pay close attention to what pros like him are saying.

If you choose to use a DSLR, it’s still smart to keep an eye out on what is happening in the new mirrorless court. Technology inexorably marches on and when it does come time to switch (and, believe me, the time will eventually come, just like we “all” had to switch from film to digital), you’ll be ready, will know what to do, which mirrorless system you like and will be confident that system will give you the tools you need for your craft.

So, it bears repeating: When it comes time to make a purchase, choose whichever camera — Interchangeable Lens Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless), Large Sensor Fixed Lens camera, Large Sensor Travel Zoom — that will enable you to take the kind of pictures that make your heart happy. As our tag line encourages you to do: Enjoy Photography.