Sales of Web-Ready Digital Cameras Rise 52% in Asia Markets

Market research company GfK surveyed 13 major Asian markets including Japan and China and found that customers there spent $2.74 billion to buy 8.44 million WiFi-enabled cameras in 2012. That amounts to a sales increase of 52 percent from the year before. The sharp rise is partly due to the widening range of models available and falling prices. Gfk estimates that there are currently 160 models of WiFi-ready cameras available in the targeted market.

WiFi-enabled “mirrorless” cameras, which are as small as compact cameras but with picture quality that rivals that of their bulkier DSLR counterparts, are cited as an emerging battleground, showing an eight-fold sales increase in 2012 compared to 2011, with a total of 765,600 units sold in the 13 countries surveyed.

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