Do NOT Download IE 9 If You’re Running Windows XP!

In a Kafkaesque turn of events, Microsoft has announced that the new Internet Explorer 9 will not work on computers running Windows XP.


It is undoubtedly a ploy from the Redmond giant to get you to upgrade to Windows 7. Official excuse is that IE 9’s graphics capability is intimately tied to Windows 7’s graphics engine on your computer for faster graphics experience. Not too smart tying a browser to an OS, not too smart at all. So, can we expect IE 10 to be tied to Win 8, etc. forcing users to upgrade OS everytime they want to use the latest IE browser? Wonder if Microsoft will be facing monopolisitc legal issues again?

But, fret not, all you have to do is to simply switch to the friendly Red Fox browser, aka Firefox, a free open-sourced browser made by lots of smart volunteer developers and the de-facto industry standard browser today. If you are not running a browser that is W3C standards-compliant yet, why not do it today? Your Web experience will be markedly improved!

Why, if you are currently viewing this site in IE, try doing it in Firefox for a pleasant surprise.

[ via TrustedReviews ]