DIY: Kid-Proof A Camera, Not

From projectsugru

There is a video going around that you can use sugru, that rubbery compound that is being sold as a miracle fix anything, uh… rubber, to kid-proof your digital camera. Just stick some sugru at various sensitive places and there you go: a shockproof camera. Besides, the video attests to it: throw your camera on the floor, mistreat it and the implication is that it will survive.

NOT! While your digital camera may be outwardly protected from dents and scratches, survive being rolled on the ground or even survive a drop of a couple of feet, the sensitive internals (let’s see: lens optics, zooming mechanism, image stabilization, sensor, etc.) will definitely be adversely affected — as anyone who has inadvertently dropped a camera from a height of more than a couple of feet can sadly tell you (and I’ve done my share). Usually the first thing to go is the lens mechanism, especially if it’s already extended.