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CIA Spy Cameras in Flickr Photostream

Did anyone not tell the CIA that there’s no secret on the Internet? That posting photos on Flickr is a no, no? But if you want to see the cool gadgets the CIA used during WWII, check out their official Flickr site at CIAgov. You’ll find pictures and information about the Enigma Machine, waterproof escape map, a neat letter removal device (that rolls the letter inside the envelope and could still see useful gadget life today), and, is it any wonder, spy cameras: a microdot camera (to photograph and reduce whole pages of information onto a single tiny piece of film that could then be embedded into the text of a letter as small as a period), the minox camera, the pigeon camera (light enough to be carried by a pigeon), a miniature tobacco pouch camera, and various bodyworn surveillance equipment.

View more at: CIAgov.