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bodyLab wants to find out what makes an attractive body

We may gawk at models and celebrities with their photoshopped bodies but instinctively we know that these are just pretty images that have no real bearing on reality.

Just what do people find attractive about the human body? bodyLab intends to find out and invites one and all to get involved in their research by rating the attractiveness of computer-generated images of men and women of greatly varying shapes, sizes and proportions.

The computer-generated images leave a lot to be desired, are difficult to tell one from the other after a few minutes and gave me a resulting model shape and size that is absolutely not what attracts me. The research would have been much more successful if real people were featured. Anyway, give it a try and see what comes out. The site should also include a rating at the end to let participants report how effective they think the experiment really is.

Get involved at: bodyLab.