Augmenting Your Still Photography With Audio

Olivier Laurent over at BJP has an interesting article about the use of audio in a photo slide show. For example, war photos may not convey how loud and scary it really is so the idea of using an accompanying audio is so the photographer can tell the story better.

If you click through to Sebastian Meyer‘s site, you’ll find an example of a photo of a bomb and the accompanying audio. You’ll have to turn the volume up real high (like in a movie theatre) to really get the effect.

I do agree that sound accompanying still photos slideshow do help tell a story better. There’s no doubt that all the war pictures and accompanying sound will end up as documentaries of our violent history. We won’t need to ask the special effect department for sound effects because we will have the real sound of the battles.

But sound does not have to be from war photography only. Recording the sounds and languages spoken by the local people of a country can also bring still pictures to life.

What do you think? Do still photos need to be accompanied with sound?