AGO Presents the Malcolmson Collection: A Photography Exhibition Continues to Sept.7, 2014

This video presents “About the Malcolmson Collection.”

  • Harry and Ann Malcolmson explain why they chose the AGO as the new home for their collection.

Malcolmson Collection

Malcolmson Collection

AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)


Malcolmson Collection

Exhibition Continues to September 7, 2014

This exhibition is included with general admission.

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“Our decision to collect historic photography was driven by an intuitive sense that there were works…whose aesthetic value and accomplishment were unrecognized. Collecting in this area has been an amazing and remarkable voyage of discovery.”

— Harry and Ann Malcolmson

AGO celebrates the recent acquisition of the Malcolmson Collection by showcasing a selection of the best works in two focused presentations, integrated in the European galleries – one dedicated to works from the 19th century and another to works from the 20th century.

  • Highlighting key technical innovations, alongside new ways of seeing, these exhibitions will illuminate the ways the medium transformed our sense of the world.

Here are the highlights of the Malcolmson Collection.

  • The Malcolmson Collection spans the history of photography from the 1840s, with works by inventor William Fox Talbot, to the 2000s, with works by contemporary artists Scott McFarland and Ian Wallace, among others, and includes representative photographs from each of the significant periods and styles of the history of the medium.
  • The collection highlights photographers known for creating a unique photographic visual language, including Eugène Atget, Harry Callahan, Julia Margaret Cameron, László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Aleksandr Rodchenko, John Vanderpant and Edward Weston.

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