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Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Suiting Up A Nikon D2Xs DSLR For Space

Sat July 30, 2011

How do you get a Nikon D2Xs ready for space flight? Stan Horaczek from PopPhoto finds out by talking directly to NASA. It’s a short interview but you learn interesting tidbits about the use of flash in the vacuum of space, protecting the equipment from extreme temperatures during a spacewalk and what happens to the cameras after use?

Do you reuse the cameras after they come back from space? Do they even come back at all or are they jettisoned to reduce weight?

The cameras that come back are evaluated for damage. Depending on the condition the camera may fly again. The space environment (both inside the vehicle and on spacewalks) is tough on the electronic cameras. The radiation damages pixels on the sensor. Sometimes the damage is so great that the camera does not fly again.

Read the article at: PopPhoto.


The Photography Classes of Jerome Liebling

Sat July 30, 2011

James Estrin is a staff photographer at The Times and a co-editor of Lens, and studied under Jerome Liebling in the late ’70s. He found the lectures thrilling, yet frustrating because Liebling refused to teach about techniques.

Jerry Liebling’s photography classes — at least in the late ’70s, when I studied under him — consisted mostly of his lecturing about everything but photography. He would talk about Greek philosophy, German history, Jungian psychology, 16th-century Flemish painting and French cinema. In the same lecture! Only rarely would the names of Edward Weston or Lewis Hine come into the conversation. Then, a half-hour would be devoted to his tough critiques of our photographs.

In this Parting Glance: Jerome Liebling, 1924-2011″”, he talks about Liebling’s influence on him developing as a photographer and a photography teacher. Now, Estrin finds himself telling his students that “photography is about […] the story you have to tell. The camera is just a tool.”

Read the article at: LENS.

Reviews on the Web

This Week’s (Jul 23-29, 2011) Digital Camera Review Roundup

Sat July 30, 2011

Here is this week’s (Jul 23-29, 2011) digital camera review roundup:

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Articles, Videos

Using a Monopod For Smooth Video

Sat July 30, 2011

deconstructing the story // a monopod tutorial from stillmotion on Vimeo.

You’ve seen pro photographers use monopods when shooting sports. A monopod requires much less space than a tripod, helps hold up a large and heavy lens, provides much needed stability and still allows the photographer freedom of movement. In this video, a Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head is used to film video, allowing some fancy focus magic not possible with a tripod or otherwise requiring expensive equipment.

source fstoppers