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Suiting Up A Nikon D2Xs DSLR For Space

How do you get a Nikon D2Xs ready for space flight? Stan Horaczek from PopPhoto finds out by talking directly to NASA. It’s a short interview but you learn interesting tidbits about the use of flash in the vacuum of space, protecting the equipment from extreme temperatures during a spacewalk and what happens to the cameras after use?

Do you reuse the cameras after they come back from space? Do they even come back at all or are they jettisoned to reduce weight?

The cameras that come back are evaluated for damage. Depending on the condition the camera may fly again. The space environment (both inside the vehicle and on spacewalks) is tough on the electronic cameras. The radiation damages pixels on the sensor. Sometimes the damage is so great that the camera does not fly again.

Read the article at: PopPhoto.