Why You Should Always Take Both Vertical and Horizontal Shots

As photographers, we often have to decide whether to shoot a picture using the portrait (Vertical) or landscape (Horizontal) orientation. If we want to sell out pictures to grace magazine covers, the Vertical orientation seems to be the logical way to go (making provision for the magazine logo). However, a couple of surveys by LookStat have found that the Horizontal orientation seems to outprice the Vertical one, with the revenue per image for Horizontal shots being twice that of other formats.

Read the survey results here:

The conclusion: For each shot, shoot both a vertical and a horizontal orientation[s].

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  • Hi there!

    Thanks a ton for mentioning our posts and I hope your readers find them helpful. The data were obtained by analyzing microstock sales transactions to try and get a sense of how orientation impacted sales & downloads.

    100% concur with your conclusion. Rotate the camera 🙂