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When Life Imitates Art

American artist Alexa Meade probably had an epiphany when she then set out to bring her latest art project to life. Or, should we say, bring life to art?

Here’s the scoop:

  1. take a live model
  2. dab him or her thoroughly in acrylic paint so s/he looks like a painting
  3. take a photo of the live model imitiating a painting
  4. sell the photo as art

No one told her that she was supposed to paint the bloke on a canvas? One step versus 4 steps?

Then, of course, she could have stopped at #2 and sold the live model as a painting. Sitting on a deck chair for life in shorts and t-shirt ain’t too bad if a meal, HD TV and an XBox were thrown into the mix.

Check out more of her work at: Alexa Meade and Flickr.

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