What Is Google Photovine?

From photovine

You know you are in trouble when users have to ask what is it, what does it do different, how do I use it, and other questions about its usefulness. Unlike Flickr and Instagram where people jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they came out, it is not the case for Google Photovine. The name gives us a clue: like a vine, there is growth involved.

Google’s video says that Photovine is about helping people get to know each other better [don’t we know more than we’d ever want to know already?], about getting your “wonderful” snapshots discovered by the rest of the world [who presumably wants to discover them], about returning an image search based on a caption [each caption is potentially a new vine].

Wait a minute, Google! I see what you are trying to do here. Get us to caption our pictures properly so you can index them easier, sneaky, sneaky. Photovine is simply a giant photo indexing project online.

Of course, this is fraught with potential pitfalls. What if someone adds an inappropriate photo in your vine? Can a vine be private? Can’t we already get all related photos in a search? Who controls a vine? And how do my photos really get discovered when thousands of other photos crowd into the vine? And it simply looks like a lot of work.

But I know you’d want to give it a try, so download the app here.