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Vivian Maier, Nanny and Street Photographer

From hotmonger

The remarkable street photography of Vivian Maier, nanny by profession, has been recently discovered to the delight of admiring fans. She used a Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera to capture moments in the lives of the people of New York and Chicago. We’re not sure if she realized how good a street photographer she was for she left behind hundreds of undeveloped rolls. About 100,000 negatives have already been scanned, but several hundred B&W rolls and about 600 color rolls have yet to be developed.

From tintwotin

View her photos at: NYTimes and Vivian Maier Photography.

source Rob Galbraith

So, if this inspires you, go out and shoot your city! Who knows, maybe one day, you, too, will be “discovered!”