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Toyota Auris Hybrid 3D Project Mapping Behind The Scenes

From ToyotaUKTV

A couple of months ago, we visited Ottawa and sat through the MosAika light show on the Parliament Hill building. It was spectacular! Windows, lights, sounds, moving images appeared on — and raced across — the face of the building.

Now imagine projecting images on a car — all around the car in 3D. That’s what the brillant minds at glue Isobar did on the Toyota Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive using 7 projectors and 28,000,000 pixels of texture. Oh, and also 3,670 cups of tea! Filmed on location in Shoreditch, London on 22 September 2010.

Here’s the Behind the scenes:

From ToyotaUKTV

Find out more at: getyourenergyback or Toyota UK

source digitalbuzz via WhatPico