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Thou Shalt Not Take Our Pictures

So orders your Royal Highness, the Queen of England and of the Commonwealth of Nations. During the Christmas Holidays. When we and our family and friends are about the royal grounds. Or, we will sue you.

Wait, rewind that. Sue you? I feel like I’m watching an American sitcom suddenly. In fact, I can imagine the Paparazzi falling over one another to be the first to get sued by the Queen and get the royal scoop!

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  • That’s ‘Her Majesty’, not ‘your Royal Highness’; let’s get it right — she’s still, by Grace of God, Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, until Parliament says she’s not.

    And the threat of legal action is apparently quite a way off; she’s trying to appeal to the more worthless elements of the press to attempt to behave responsibly. These appeals, as you say, will likely fall upon deaf ears.

    I would have more sympathy for the scumbags if they put half the energy into investigating and reporting things of any import, instead of drowning the public in celebrity trivia and simply transcribing Government releases.

  • And, yeah, that’s the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Need to proofread myself.

  • Agree, and I do sympathize with ‘Her Majesty’ about the incessant hounding from some elements of the press. No one should have to go through that.