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The Schwarzenegger Trilogy Video Hand-Drawn With Highlighters

The Schwarzenegger Trilogy from Brainbow on Vimeo.

Brainbowinc made these 3 hand-drawn animations using 1600 frames cells and highlighters to add colors.

The first video ‘5 4 3 2…’ is a series of continuous hollywood explosions edited into a simple beat.

The second ‘Galleria’ is a cut from Terminator 2 which is one of my favorite scenes from any movie.

The third ‘come on… get down’ is a original gangsta rap with lyrics provided by Arnold himself and music created by Harry McGowan

The short films premiered at the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles as part of Cine-Shorts which is a bi-monthly series that aims to provide a platform for local directors + aspiring filmakers making their mark in the city of los angeles.

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