The Ethics of Adultery Photography

Natasha Caruana took clandestine photos of the married men she went on dates with. Now, she is displaying them for the public to see. To keep their identities secret, she avoided photographing their faces.

The questions of ethics, morality, broken trust and betrayal inevitably crop up here. Even though the faces are not shown in the photographs, there should be enough details to recognize a person, especially by someone very close to that person, say a wife. I have always been mystified (and angered) by TV journalistic shows that presumably hide a witness’ face, blackened it and/or disguised the voice to protect his or her identity. If I am close to that person (say, we work in the same office), I should be able to easily tell who it is. Mannerisms, silhouettes, speaking style, all serve as telling clues.

What do you think? Does the fact that these men were cheating give an artist the right to publicly display photos of them? What happens when a subject on a photo is recognized? Is it only one life affected? Two? A whole family?

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  • Ok i’m a man
    I recognize i COULD be on this photos… (let’s start by being honest ok…)

    but look…
    Do you (artist) really think it’s interesting ?
    Only 5 photos ?
    Is it really “new” project ?
    i don’t think this “bring” anything ….

    Do you know the “golden rule” there’s two way of read it, check the second way…
    if a man disapointed you earlier dear madam,
    sorry for you if you were sad (as i was, and as the reader of this message was once in his life also…) Do you really think this will be a good revenge ?
    maybe you could create a photo community for that !
    A feminist way of revenge stupid and egoist men ?!….
    (as i am … as every men…)

    I think it would had been fair to invite women also… Married women of course !
    To me it’s just another revenge from a disapointed woman (once again, i’m sincerely sorry for you !)

    And these photos haven’t even any esthetic result (and that’s my job)
    to me, it desserve nothing. Except the fact to exist. Mushrooms exists also…

    The men on the picture have made a great mistake by coming to this (or another appointment)
    but why did they come ?
    that’s the deep reason to ask !!!
    Did you wear a short skirt ?
    Did you ask them 30 times ?
    Did They were sad because they just learnt that there woman had a date with a man ? (who create a serie of paint of numerous women they dated in order to show how life is unfair,… for him, who is sooo disapointed by his wife who had a date

    Maybe with your husband madam ?