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The Art of the Future will be FRAMED*

From FRAMEDofficial

It was bound to happen as LED display screens have gotten thinner and lighter. The next big thing will be subscription to works of Art, sent to an appropriately sized LED screen hanging on your wall. This is the concept behind FRAMED* which consists of a 40-inch HD Samsung LED display and an Intel Core i5 processor running Windows 7 powering it. It can display static or interactive art, Web apps, and motion graphics. It features a microphone and webcam.

A restaurant could use it to display its menu du jour, specials and ads. Or simply display beautiful art.

FRAMED* enables you to display diverse forms of expression including interactive art, web applications, motion graphics & illustration. FRAMED* transforms all spaces – whether private or public. From your living room to a gallery, cafe or restaurant, FRAMED* brings style to all moments of life.

source fastcodesign