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The 8-Legged Photographer

This Octopus knows a good deal when it sees one, and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 / FT2 [QuickPrice Check] dangling from a two-legged creature from the surface world was too good to be true. One tentacle grabbed the digital camera and off it went with its new toy still recording in movie mode. The diver chased the Octopus for a good 5 minutes, caught up with it, used its speargun to distract it, and finally got his camera back, leaving the speargun in the Octopus’ grasp.

I have only one mesage for Victor Huang, the diver: “Dude, you are lucky it did not know how to operate that speargun!”

Read the article at: metro

[ RT @1001noisycamera via @petapixel ]