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Octographer Behind The Scenes

We knew that an octopus is a pretty smart creature, now we know that it is also curious and not afraid to interact with whatever we put before it, even a waterproof Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 digital camera.

The camera is attached to the aquarium, facing the onlookers and, as the octopus slides a tentacle into the shutter slot and pushes down, a picture of the onlookers is captured.

The first rig did not survive the octopus’ curiosity, ending up with a smashed rig and camera. Nor did rigs number two to six. Eventually, rig #7 (or is it #8) survives. Not sure if the pictures the octopus took were wirelessly transferred to a large screen as they were being taken. I don’t believe the TX30 has Wi-Fi. Now, that would have been cool! Quick, somebody do that!

Here’s the Behind the Scenes video: