Take A Tour of A Lexar Manufacturing Facility

From LexarMediaInc

How is your Lexar memory card made? It’s all incredibly automated. Take a factory tour with this video.

Here are some trivia:

  • The clean room is 100x cleaner than a hospital operating room. [Don’t you think hospital operating rooms should be that clean?]
  • It takes more than one month to make a memory chip.
  • Each wafer goes through more than 800 processes.
  • It’s 24x7x365.
  • Manufactured in USA, assembled in Asia. [How about that?]
  • Yes, those orange filaments around the chip are solid gold threads.
  • Each final product is assembled and tested by hand before shipped.
  • The final packaging in boxes for shipping is surprisingly so manual.

How did they film this video? Some of the footage almost looks like it was a CGI work, especially the part where the camera zooms (or travels) between narrow spaces for a long distance.

source professionalphotographer