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Super Slow Motion Fun?

From JKTrix

Photographers have used the high speed video on their cameras for some spectacular super slow motion videography. But what about just some super slow motion fun, nothing more? Watching this video makes you want to get out of the way of the approaching disaster but you are too fascinated to move.

The one scene with the pigeons (2:39) could really look romantic if not for the weird character barelling his way toward you. The one with the kid (3:06) is super cute. Grandpa (3:26) needs to take Tai Chi lessons. And if I have not convinced you yet to watch the video, retweet it, like it and send it to your friends, just watch the one after Grandpa at the 3:46 mark.

The song is “Luv (sic) pt. 2” by Nujabes feat just fits the video.

The director is Sou Ootsuki, and you should all go visit his website!

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