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Sports Illustrated on the iTablet

OK, so we don’t know zilch about the rumored Apple iTablet, or even if Apple is working on one, but that has not stoppped people from preparing for it. Sports Illustrated has demoed what their future online illustrated magazine might look like when viewed on a device such as the iTablet.

Judging from the amount of interest about an online reading device such as the iTablet, you can be sure that one will be forthcoming (whether from Apple or someone else) soon.

How do we prepare for that eventuality? What is the best display size (in pixels) and font size so everything is confortably readable; how to use resizable fonts that do not break the design; the number of columns; even what features that blog software such as WordPress should be working on now?

I don’t believe a straight porting of your website (with long vertical scrolling) is necessarily the best way to go as it will probably not take full advantage of the interactive features Apple is famous for. Any designers willing to take a stab and write (or at least, prepare) an article for such a device?

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