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Sponsored Video: Seductive Motion

Have you ever answered someone who you thought were talking to you only to find out he or she was talking to a caller through one of those tiny Bluetooth headset? It can sometimes get pretty awkward, though not as awkward as what happens in the video to a whole bunch of [famous and not-so-famous] people who get their signals all mixed up.

When a gorgeous woman tries out her new motion-controlled Samsung Smart TV, her hand gestures allow her to easily access movies, sports, apps, other Smart Content — and male neighbors in office buildings across the street who mistakenly interpret her waving as an invitation to join her.

In this short but hilarious comedy of error, she opens her door to find a horde of men clamoring to come in, some offering gifts. Of course, she prefers the entertainment available on her Samsung Smart TV and so refuses the gifts proffered… except one. Find out what “gift” she gladly accepts.

The Samsung Smart TV offers next-generation interactive features, including Motion Control, Voice Control and Face Recognition for a seamless user experience, enabling control of the TV without a remote control.

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