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Spock visits Vulcan, lists photography as growing hobby

Star Trek First Officer, Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy), says he has hung up his famous pointed ears for good.

I will not be doing any more directing or acting in films or television,” said Nimoy. “I have so many other things to do.” One of these things is photography (which he has pursued since his teen years) and he has a show of his work opening in Massachusetts this summer.

Vulcan the town in Alberta, Canada, was named by the Canadian Pacific Railway 100 years ago after the Roman god of fire and metalworking, but residents decided to cash in on the Star Trek show by becoming a Trekkian pilgrimage site. The city hosted its first “Star Trek” convention 17 years ago.

In another out of this world news, Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) is being put forward as a possible candidate for the next Governor General of Canada. Does he even live in Canada? Shouldn’t he have lived the last 5 years in Canada? Now, if we ever find there is life on other planets, I would be the first to support Shatner as Earth’s representative. He’s got a winning way with aliens, especially of the female variety. And that has always worked in Earth’s favor.

Read the article at: Toronto Star

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  • FYI, Vulcan is a town in the province of ALBERTA, Canada, southeast of the CITY of Calgary (where I live). Thanks.

  • Geography Fail! I received more comments from this one post than for any other post EVER! Which shows you the value of a mistake. Thanks all for pointing out the mistake about Vulcan being in [the province of] Alberta and not Calgary [the city]. Beam me up, Scotty!