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Sony ZV-1F Offers All-In-One Ultra-Wide 20mm (Equiv.) Vlogging Solution at an Affordable Price

Sony has taken one of the suggestions vloggers have made and added a new vlogging camera to its ZV line of fixed-lens cameras: Where the ZV-1 offered a 24-70mm (equiv.) 2.7x optical zoom fixed lens (24mm is considered to not be wide enough to include much when the camera is held at arm’s length), the ZV-1F goes for an ultra-wide 20mm (equiv.) fixed lens. It’s also offered at a very affordable $650 CAD ($500 USD) price point.

The savings is not all due to the lack of an optical zoom lens, but also due to the use of only contrast-detect AF on its sensor. The ZV-1F also does not include the built-in ND filter on the ZV-1, does not offer optical image stabilization, and does not record in RAW.

Popular ZV-1 features carried over are the Directional 3-Capsule Mic and wind screen, and the Product Showcase Setting that automatically and seamlessly shifts focus between your face and the product you put up to the camera.


Sony Electronics Expands Vlogging Line-Up with New ZV-1F Camera

A perfect first compact camera with a fast wide-angle lens and many of the advanced camera technology known to Sony’s ZV cameras

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Sony Electronics Inc. announced the newest addition to its popular ZV lineup – the ZV-1F compact vlog camera. The ZV-1F is designed for content creators stepping up to a compact camera that packs advanced video and still capabilities with easy-to-use features, advanced connectivity, and a focus on sustainability.

Sony ZV-1F

Sony ZV-1F

“We’re thrilled to add the new ZV-1F to our very popular ZV camera lineup,” said Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “With the rise of vertical video and new platforms that make it easier than ever to become a content creator, the ZV-1F is an all-in-one camera solution that delivers superior quality with easy-to-use features and wireless sharing. This is the perfect solution for content creators looking to improve their video quality.”

High-Quality Stills, Video, and Audio
The ZV-1F was designed for vloggers and content creators to capture high-quality content in a compact form factor. These features and technologies include:

  • Ultra-wide 20mmi F2.0 prime lens, perfect for selfie-style recording
  • Background bokeh in both stills and video to make the subject easily stand out
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing approximately 8.1 ouncesii (229 grams)
  • Face Priority AE (auto exposure) that automatically adjusts the brightness based on the subject’s face, even in situations with large changes in lighting.
  • High precision focusing and Eye AF (autofocus) for humans and animalsiii, with touchscreen operation
  • Directional 3-Capsule Mic and wind screen provide clear voice recording and reduced background noise in windy or loud conditions
  • Steady and smooth footage with Active Modeiv image stabilization
  • S&Q modev to shoot in both slow motion at 5x slower speedvi and quick motion at 60x fastervii hyperlapse speed

Designed for Easy Content Creation
The ZV-1F was developed for content creators of all levels, including those who may be stepping up to a compact camera for the first time. The camera is designed with a handful of features for easy content creation and streamlined editing, including:

  • Vari-Angle LCD touch screen to easily change features and settings, including zoomviii
  • Background Defocus Function to quickly blur the background, even while recording video
  • Product Showcase Setting to automatically and seamlessly shift focus between a face and products
  • Self-timerix for both stills and video
  • Recording lamp and red frame on the screen to indicate when recording has started and stopped
  • Ten preset Creative Look options to automatically add a specific look
  • ‘Soft Skin Effect’ feature to add skin smoothing options as desired
  • Compatible with the GP-VPT2BTx Shooting Grip/tripod with Wireless Bluetooth™ control
  • Accessory shoexi to easily attach an external microphone
  • Remote camera control capabilities and simple file transfer for sharing to popular social media platforms with Sony’s new Imaging Edge Mobile Plus™xii smartphone application
  • Shot Markxiii to efficiently reference key clips or cut out and transfer specific 15, 30, or 60 secondxiv marked clips to their smartphone and post directly to social without editing.
  • High-quality live-streaming device or web camera, with appropriate video streaming, conference application or similar software, when connected to a computer or smartphone via USBxv

Supporting a Sustainable Future
The ZV-1F was designed with features and technology for sustainable future in mind. Recycled materialsxvi including SORPLAS™ are used in both the camera body and bundled accessories like the newly-developed wind screenxvii that have been adapted to maintain performance. Plant-based non-woven fabrics are used for product bags to reduce disposable plastic packaging.

Pricing and Availability
The new ZV-1F will be available in late October for approximately $500 USD and $650 CAD. It will be sold at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout North America.

For detailed product information, please visit:

Exclusive stories and exciting new content shot with the new ZV-1F and Sony’s other imaging products can be found at, a site created to educate and inspire all fans and customers of Sony α – Alpha brand.

About Sony Electronics Inc.
Sony Electronics is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America and an affiliate of Sony Group Corporation, one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world, with a portfolio that encompasses electronics, music, motion pictures, mobile, gaming, robotics and financial services. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Sony Electronics is a leader in electronics for the consumer and professional markets. Operations include research and development, engineering, sales, marketing, distribution and customer service. Sony Electronics creates products that innovate and inspire generations, such as the award-winning Alpha Interchangeable Lens Cameras and revolutionary high-resolution audio products. Sony is also a leading manufacturer of end-to-end solutions from 4K professional broadcast and A/V equipment to industry leading 4K and 8K Ultra HD TVs. Visit for more information.

SORPLAS” is a trademark of Sony Group Corporation. “SORPLAS” is a sustainable flame-retardant plastic developed and provided by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.


i 35mm format equivalent
ii Not including battery and memory card
iii Still images only. Does not work with all types of animal
iv Slight image crop in Active Mode. Active Mode is not available when recording frame rate is 120 (100) p for normal movies and frame rate is 120 (100) fps for S&Q.
v The recording format in S&Q mode is XAVC S HD. Sound recording is not possible. A Class 10 or higher SDHC/SDXC card is required. UHS speed class 3 or higher is required for 100 Mbps recording.
vi S&Q mode recording at 120 fps (frame rate) 24p (recording frame rate).
vii S&Q mode recording at 1 fps (frame rate) 60p (recording frame rate).
viii Users can select from zooms of 1.0/1.5/2.0/4.0x to quickly change the angle of view. In FHD, zooms of 1.5x and 2.0x use Clear Image Zoom and 4.0x uses digital zoom; in 4K, 1.5x  uses Clear Image Zoom and 2.0x and 4.0x use digital zoom.
ix Not available when shooting movie in still image mode by pressing MOVIE button.
x Sold separately
xi Since this model’s accessory shoe does not have electronic contacts, it does not support operation of an external flash, audio input, etc
xii Please use Imaging Edge Mobile Plus Ver. 1.0 or later. The Imaging Edge Mobile Plus app can be downloaded at Google Play and the App Store. Network services, content, and  operating system and software subject to terms and conditions and may be changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time and may require fees, registration and credit card information.
xiii Two types of shot marks: Shot Mark1 and Shot Mark2
xiv Depending on where the shot mark is added, the length of the cut-out video may be shorter than the set length.
xv When streaming via USB, the resolution is 1280 x 720 and the frame rate is 30 fps. To use this function, the OS on the PC or smartphone side must support UVC/UAC. When connecting to a mobile device equipped with a USB Type-C(R) port, please use a commercially available USB cable or terminal conversion adapter.
xvi Recycled materials may not be available, depending on the time of production.
xvii The wind screen fibres are made exclusively from recycled polyester. Recycled polyester may not be available, depending on the time of production.

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ZV-1F Vlog Camera for Content Creators and Vloggers, Black