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Sony PMW-F55 4K CineAlta Cameras Record Abdication of King Juan Carlos I of Spain and Coronation of his son Felipe VI

King Juan Carlos I of Spain signed his own abdication and Spain welcomed their new king and queen, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. Unlike most coronations that tend to be ostentatious affairs, the celebration was purposefully kept a relatively humble affair due to the economic crisis Spain is currently going through.


RTVE records the abdication of King Juan Carlos I and the coronation of Felipe VI of Spain using Sony 4K cameras

4K technology provides four times more resolution than conventional high definition

Barcelona, Spain, 20 June 2014: As part of its ongoing commitment to technological innovation, national television broadcaster Televisión Española has filmed the historic event of the abdication of King Juan Carlos I of Spain at the Royal Palace—as well as the subsequent proclamation of Felipe VI as the reigning monarch at the Spanish parliament—in 4K ultra high definition. For both events, RTVE used two Sony PMW-F55 cameras to capture the scenes and the key moments using the latest 4K technology for future viewings. The images will form part of the RTVE archive using the very best in future technology.

For the two events, Sony provided both F55 cameras—which were set up using an ENG configuration—in collaboration with XELTEC (which supplied the Fujinon Cabrio lenses) and ELENCO. To capture the finest details of the two events, RTVE relied on 4K technology to film archive footage at more than eight million pixels of resolution — four times higher than high-definition quality.

4K technology provides four times the resolution of conventional Full HD and is often used in film productions and cinemas. It provides four times the resolution of 2K and is already widely used in the film production industry and in cinemas equipped with Sony 4K Digital Cinema projectors.

The recording of these two historic events using 4K technology represents another milestone in the expansion of 4K production — something that Sony is propelling beyond the film industry. Thanks to the revolutionary PMW-F55 cameras, the recorded archive footage will be able to recreate the events in an incredibly realistic way. 4K allows for a level of resolution that mimics reality and offers high-quality colour perception.