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Sony EMCS Corporation Merges with Relevant Functions at Sony Corporation: New “Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation” Effective April 1, 2016: To Strengthen its Electronics Business Even Further

The following video presents Japanese Consumer Electronics Company Sony Bets on Devices, Pictures in 3-Year Plan to Drive Growth:

Sony has unveiled a new three-year plan designed to drive growth and return to profitability. Sony, which expects to book a net loss for the year ending March 31, has set a target for return on equity of more than 10% and operating profit of more than 500 billion yen, or $4.2 billion, within three years. The company said it’s positioning devices, game and network services, pictures and music as segments that will drive profit growth during that time frame. Sony said it will limit investment in its TV and mobile communications units, both of which it says are experiencing intense cost competition. Sony also plans to spin off its video-and-sound business into a separate company by October.

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Published on Feb 18, 2015

This is an update to the previous blog, Sony Changes to Reinforce & Realign Global Sales & Marketing Operations for Its Consumer Electronics Such as TVs, Audio, Camera & Video Products: Changes are Effective April 1, 2016.

On April 1, 2001, Sony integrated 13 domestic manufacturing facilities for the final assembly of electronic products into a new Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Services (EMCS) Platform Company, tentatively named Sony EMCS AV/IT.

  • The customer service system was strengthened through the expansion of direct contacts with the customer, and customer needs were fed back immediately to production facilities.
  • Japan is responsible for the design, manufacture and repair services of consumer products and business equipment.

Sony EMCS Corporation manufactures electronic equipments. The company manufactures home- use video cameras, compact digital cameras and interchangeable single- lens cameras; LCD televisions; broadcast- and professional- use video equipment; and blu-ray disc players/recorders, audio equipment and video conference systems.

This year, in order to further strengthen the operational functions related to manufacturing, the organization in charge of the operation business globally in Sony Corporation will integrate, and then establish the new company, “Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation” on April 1, 2016.

By doing so, Sony intends to strengthen its electronics business even further.


January 20, 2016

Sony to Realign Production Operations in Its Electronics Business

Sony Corporation
Sony EMCS Corporation

Tokyo, Japan – Sony Corporation (“Sony”) has been engaged in ongoing initiatives to reinforce production operations, including manufacturing, logistics, procurement, quality and environment-related measures. As part of these efforts, Sony today announced further measures to be executed under the leadership of Masashi Imamura, in charge of Sony’s Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement, Quality and Environmental Platform.

Effective April 1, 2016, Sony EMCS Corporation (“Sony EMCS”), which currently oversees engineering, manufacturing, and repair services for Sony’s consumer electronics and professional equipment in Japan, will merge with the relevant functions at Sony Corporation that supervise those operations globally. The new company resulting from this merger will be named Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation, and Mitsuya Kishida, currently the President of Sony EMCS, will serve as its Representative Director and President.

Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation will thus assume the current responsibilities of Sony EMCS in managing domestic manufacturing operations in Japan and administering manufacturing facilities overseas. It will also be responsible for global shared services functions that oversee procurement, logistics, quality and environment-related initiatives around the world. Finally, Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation will take over engineering functions that, in collaboration with Sony’s various business units and subsidiaries, engage in R&D for core technologies and manufacturing technologies and support the design process.

Through this realignment, Sony will bring together into one place the extensive knowledge and expertise in operations that its various organizations have accumulated, in order to streamline and continue evolving its operations that transcend national/regional boundaries and product categories. By doing so, Sony intends to strengthen its electronics business even further.

Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation Executive Appointments (effective April 1, 2016)

Mitsuya Kishida

(New) Representative Director and President
(Current) Representative Director and President, Sony EMCS Corporation

Katsuhiko Ueno

(New) Director
(Current) Director and Corporate Executive, Sony EMCS Corporation

Keiichi Hashimoto

(New) Director
(Current) Corporate Executive, Senior General Manager of Corporate Control Dept., Sony EMCS Corporation

Masashi Imamura(*)

(New) Director

Hiroyuki Sato(*)

(New) Director

Shugo Yamaguchi(*)

(New) Director
(Current) Director, Sony EMCS Corporation

Osamu Shibata(*)

(New) Auditor
(Current) Auditor, Sony EMCS Corporation

Fumitaka Nishimura(*)

(New) Auditor
(Current) Auditor, Sony EMCS Corporation

(*) Will also retain current post at Sony Corporation