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Sony A380 Review @ PhotographyBLOG

Sony alpha DSLR-A380

Sony alpha DSLR-A380

PhotographyBLOG has posted their review (“doesn’t offer HD video“) of the Sony alpha DSLR-A380 [Specs], with 14.2MP resolution (on a 23.5 x 15.7 mm APS CCD Sensor), in-camera Sensor-shift Image Stabilization, Anti-Dust Technology, large tiltable 2.7-in. (230K dots) LCD, and a Quick AF Live View that uses lighting fast Phase-Detection auto focus.

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  • Happy to say my refund for this camera is processing from the Laredo, TX help center. I’ll present what happened with facts even though I am very upset with the outcome and would love to lay on some emotion.
    * Bought camera with high hopes. Loved the price, and the movable LCD.
    * Arrived with strange blue, flickering spots in the LCD. Like “snow” on a bad TV signal. I immediately called Sony expecting exceptional service since this is a fairly new product… and because it’s Sony, a brand I USED TO trust.
    * Took pics and was fairly happy with results. I was still learning. Then shipped camera back after I insisted they pay for shipping.
    * Sony held my camera for 3 weeks, then finally returned it without any repair and without calling me for some explanation of the issue.
    * Received camera and obviously found the same problem. Called and emailed Sony. “Can you send us some sample images?” they said. They didn’t even understand, after repeated attempts to explain, what my issue was.
    * I asked for a refund or a new camera immediately. I used this camera for my work, I explained, I NEED a camera. I had to return the camera before any action could be taken. They received the camera Nov. 4th 2009.
    * On Nov 20th, I called. They had no update for me. 3 weeks and NOTHING! I demanded a refund and they did start the process, but could not tell me when the check would arrive.
    * I called Sony’s National Customer Relations line and spoke to Margret, ID CJD9. She was the worst of all. No compassion, barely any courtesy at all!
    * She started with, “We don’t do refunds, only exchanges. Before she had heard ANYTHING about my troubles with my camera.
    * When I asked about the other equipment I bought for the camera, she sarcastically said, “We can’t refund for Optional equipment. That’s why they call it optional.” She was worthless.
    * I called back to Larado and they promised a call by the end of the day to tell me when I’d get my check. Nothing. Called Monday, it’s being processed. Finally.
    I hope this helps you with your decision. I’m not sure if I’ll ever buy a Sony product again.