SLR Lounge Offers Four Free Tutorials

Even though most people are spending more time at home, this does not necessarily translate into more free time. Many of us are still working remotely and, funny thing is, sometimes we find ourselves spending more time working from home than at the office where, in the latter case, there is a clearer delineation between work hours and the end of the work day. Hopefully, you are all also taking care to reserve some “ME Time” for yourself.

If you do find yourself with extra free time on your hands, then consider some free photography courses, courtesy of SLR Lounge. SLR Lounge has decided to release a series of 100% FREE tutorials from their library of premium content:

  • Advanced & Impressive Off-Camera Flash
    This advanced flash technique will elevate your imagery!
    Watch Free Tutorial
  • Simulate Sunlight With Off-Camera Flash
    No sun? No problem! Learn how to re-create sunlight with flash!
    Watch Free Tutorial
  • Wedding Photography 4-Week Training
    8 HD tutorials that will help you capture incredible wedding photos!
    Watch Free Tutorial
  • Sales Secrets for Photography Studios
    Learn how to close every sale with our fail-proof method!
    Watch Free Tutorial

Not sure if each is a full course or extracts from the full course, and whether there is a time limit to the offer.