The Zenit Horizont Panoramic Camera Sees New Life in the Silvestri Horizon D-L3

British Journal of Photography – Silvestri’s Horizon D-L3 panoramic camera from Olivier Laurent on Vimeo.

Here is a name I thought I would never hear again: Zenit, a Russian camera manufacturer which made one of the most affordable manual film SLR way back when. Zenit, in collaboration with Silvertri, has wormholed into the digital era with an updated digital version of its Horizont panoramic film camera, to be available next year.

The Silvestri Horizon D-L3 panoramic camera has 3 digital modules, each with a 5MP image sensor and a 28mm equivalent f/3.5 lens, capturing 3 images simultaneously. The images are then stitched together in post processing using a proprietary software to produce a 12MP image. Because the 3 images are recorded simultaneously, capturing panoramic images of moving subjects is not a problem.

Other features include an optical viewfinder with a level and a 4.3-in. touchscreen LCD. The D-L3 uses SD memory cards, weighs 900g and measures 110x90x195mm. Expect the price to be less than €1500.

source bjp