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Seim Effects Announces Availability of Silver Shadows 2

Seim Effects Announces Availability of Silver Shadows 2

A new Lightroom presets toolkit from Gavin Seim for creating stunning black-and-white images with precise control of delicate tonality, shadows, highlights, and hues

Soap Lake, WA, (November 17, 2011) – Seim Effects Photo Tools announces availability of the new Silver Shadows 2 black-and-white toolkit for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® at an introductory discounted price.

Featuring over 100 refined easy-to-use black-and-white presets that address the subtleties of digital silver conversion, photographers can easily mix and match, customize and tweak to create artisan quality black-and-white images without leaving Lightroom.

“The goal for Silver Shadows 2 was to create a complete silver conversion toolkit to provide photographers of all levels with refined black-and-white right inside Lightroom,” said Gavin Seim, photographer and owner of Seim Effects. “I’m passionate about black-and-white and Silver Shadows 2 is a system that takes digital silver conversions to a new level. It’s been four years since Silver Shadows 1 was introduced. Version 1 was powerful, but it’s nothing compared to the delicate hand-chiseled granite that makes up Silver Shadows 2. Photographers are going to love what it can do.”

Silver Shadows 2 has been re-mastered and expanded, leveraging the latest features of Lightroom and the subtle planning of effects, making it an essential black-and-white toolkit. Photographers will appreciate its versatility, from tools that can be mixed, matched and tweaked, to powerful Seim Effects workflow structure that permits both large batches and single images to be processed quickly and accurately without leaving Lightroom.

Silver Shadows 2 works side by side with other Seim Effects tools and is compatible with Lightroom 1, 2 and 3 for Mac and PC. It is available now for immediate download at the introductory price of $45 (until November 30, 2011). After November 30th the price will be $54. For more information, including the demo video and the free sampler pack, visit:

About Seim Effects Photo Tools
Gavin Seim, owner of Seim Effects Photo Tools, is an internationally recognized photographer, renowned for his experience with creative workflow and the digital darkroom. He has a passion for creating easy-to-use software tools and educating photographers of all skill levels to be more efficient, creative and profitable.

Gavin Seim’s software presets for Lightroom include the new Silver Shadows 2, Power3 Workflow, and Color Fantasies. His Photoshop tools include Hollywood Effects 2, Creative Essentials, and Naked Elements. Also available is the LightFlow Aperture Presets collection.

For more information on Seim Effects Photo Tools visit: