The Secret to a Perfectly Panned Image Every Time

Panning can be one of the most frustrating technique ever as you try to click the shutter at the right moment and get the desired streaking background effect. It takes lots of practice and even then it can be touch and go.

Our technique is to prefocus and preexpose at the point where you intend to trip the shutter. Then, while holding the shutter release button half-pressed, turn toward the oncoming subject and smoothly follow it as it approaches that point, trip the shutter fully when it reaches that point, and keep that panning motion smoothly going even after you’ve tripped the shutter. What you want to do is end up with a smooth panning motion. Shutter speed: try 1/60 sec. so the shutter remains open long enough to record the blurred background (blurred because you’re moving the camera while the shutter is opened).

Rick Dole is a Florida pro who specializes in automotive photography and shares his technique of getting the perfect panned shot — everytime.

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