Panasonic G2 Review

Review Date: June 28, 2010

Category: Beginner to Serious Amateur

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2

Photoxels Editor's Choice 2010 - Compact DIL/DSLR
Photoxels Editor’s Choice 2010 – Compact DIL/DSLR


This Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 Review is based on a production model. All sample images are unretouched, except where specified.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 adds touchscreen functionality and HD 720p movie to the G1. And, like the G1, this mirrorless Digital Interchangeable Lens camera provides pretty much all the features serious amateur photographers have come to expect from a DSLR with the added bonus of practical features from the point-and-shoot world that makes it fast, precise and a pleasure to use.

The G2 features a fast Contrast-Detect AF that almost rivals the Phase-Detection AF used in DSLRs. It has no practical shutter lag, and performance is comparable with that of an entry-level DSLR, though continuous shooting still have room for improvement. Those upgrading from the compact point-and-shoot cameras will love the Live View which works the way it is supposed to, unlike the ‘Tripod’ only version on mirrored DSLRs.

The Lumix G2 adds touchscreen functionality to the G1. At first glance, you might discount the touchscreen interface as nothing more than a gimmick — I know I did, since I dislike half baked and unresponsive touchscreen implementations — but if you take the time to actually use it, you’d find that it works very well, in fact, extremely well. You don’t have to use it — the G2 makes use of all the traditional control buttons — but there are operations, especially when selecting focus, that simply feel more natural and intuitive by simply pointing at the screen instead of using the cursor buttons. It is the best touchscreen implementation I’ve used so far on a digital camera.

The Panasonic G2 captures excellent image quality up to ISO 400, with low noise and detail preserved. ISO 800 is very usable and ISO 1600 is usable at smaller prints. You’ve got full exposure flexibility, Live View like no other DSLR currently has, Dust Reduction, a fully articulated extra large high resolution 3.0-in. touchscreen LCD, a high resolution EVF that displays all the exposure information you desire, including a Live Histogram, and the list of very practical features goes on.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 will appeal to beginner and serious amateur photographers desiring a DSLR-level digital camera but without the size, bulkiness and weight usually associated with DSLRs. The Panasonic G2 is one camera that point-and-shoot photographers can pick up and start using right away since it incorporates many of the practical features found on its copact digital cameras. We award it our Photoxels Editor’s Choice 2010.

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