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Researchers analyze performance of first updatable holographic 3D display

Updatable Hologram

Image credit: Christenson, et al. ©2010 IEEE.

Back in 2008, researchers from the University of Arizona created a holographic 3D display that could write and erase images, making it the first updatable (or rewritable) holographic 3D display ever demonstrated. Now, in a follow-up study, the researchers have reported the results of their analysis on the performance of the display.

Updatable holograms are “a big jump” from static holograms, such as those that appear on credit cards and drivers’ licenses. Like photographs, holograms are recordings of reflected light. This particular hologram was created based on a 3D model of an object, which was then generated into 2D perspectives which were processed and combined to create about 120 holographic pixels, or “hogels.”

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