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Fujifilm Canada Announces Compact Super Zoom JZ300 and JZ310

Fujifilm FinePix JZ300

Fujifilm FinePix JZ300

PMA 2010


February 2, 2010

A superzoom compact camera with a wide angle 10x optical zoom, HD image and movie capture and CCD-shift Image Stabilization.

Mississauga, ON – With a 28mm wide-angle 10x optical zoom lens, advanced CCD-shift Image Stabilization system, HD image and movie capture, a 2.7” LCD screen and 12 Megapixel resolution, the JZ300/310 offers a ‘best in class’ feature set at a very affordable price.

10x Wide Angle lens
The superzoom JZ300/310 is a technologically advanced compact camera in a thin metal body with razor-sharp Fujinon optics. The camera is slim enough to fit into your pocket or purse, yet comes with a large 10x optical zoom lens providing you with the ability to zoom right in on the action every time. When you pair this with Fujifilm’s advanced CCD-Shift Image Stabilization, you are guaranteed focused, blur-free images even at the full zoom range.

In addition, the versatile 28mm wide-angle lens is perfect for wide landscapes or large group shots as it ensures you capture everything in stunning detail.

High Definition capabilities
Fujifilm has introduced HD across its entire lineup and with 720p HD image and video capture the new JV and JX cameras will produce stunning, detailed images that can be enjoyed in glorious High Definition on any HD ready television* or PC.
*To connect to an HD-ready TV, you will need a HD Card Reader and HDMI cable (optional extras).

Intelligent Scene Recognition
Fujifilm’s Intelligent Scene Recognition (SR Auto) technology makes it very easy to take great pictures. The camera is able to intelligently detect what your subject matter is (choosing from Portrait, Backlit Portrait, Night Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Night scene), and optimizes the camera settings dependent on the shooting conditions, guaranteeing you the best shot you can achieve.

Perfect Portraits
The JZ300/310 camera features Face Detection Technology with Automatic Red-Eye Removal. And now, taking Face Detection one step further, Fujifilm’s Smile Detection technology is able to detect and take pictures once your subjects are smiling. Blink Detection is a selectable Scene Position that will warn you once you have taken a shot if the faces detected are blinking.

Tracking Auto Focus
Previously featured on the FinePix S-series models, Tracking Auto Focus is a useful feature that tracks a moving subject automatically while the shutter is half-pressed. When you are ready to take the photo simply press the shutter button fully and your subject is in the centre of the frame in perfect focus. This is particularly useful when trying to capture an action shot where your subject is moving constantly.

Auto Picture Rotation
It’s so annoying when you have to continually adjust your camera to view portrait and landscape shots. The new JZ300/310 fixes this problem by ensuring your photos are always rotated the correct way in playback. Enjoy your pictures on the large 2.7-inch LCD, whichever way you are holding the camera, the image will rotate on the screen for you.

Manage your photos
Fujifilm has included a new file management Picture Search tool which allows you to find specific photos quickly and easily. It allows you to search by Scene mode to view all photos with people, or all photos of landscapes etc. No more time will be wasted sorting through all your pictures to find the one that you want.

Key features:
* Fujinon 10x optical zoom (28mm wide-angle)
* 720p HD image & video capture
* 12MP resolution
* Large 2.7-inch LCD Screen
* Intelligent Scene Recognition
* Super Intelligent Flash / Natural Light & With Flash mode
* Face Detection
* Dual Image Stabilization (CCD Shift and up to ISO 3200 at 3MP)
* Target Focus
* Auto Picture-Rotate and Picture Search Feature
* Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
* 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
* Accepts SD/SDHC memory cards

The FinePix JZ300/310 is expected to be available to Canadian consumers in April 2010 at a suggested retail price of CAD $229.99. The camera will come with a 2 Year Canadian Manufacturer’s Warranty and will be available in Black(JZ310) and Silver (JZ300). For more info on the JZ Series check out the Fuji Guys videos on YouTube.

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