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PixBoomBa, badda boom, badda bing

With a name like PixBoomBa, you know the jokes will fly. But do veteran National Geographic photographers Bob Caputo and Cary Wolinsky care? Not at all! In fact, they count on it!

See, they’ve just launched their new website, [I’m not kidding], with corresponding YouTube site, to share their knowledge about how to take National Geographic quality pictures. Their advice is proferred with a mixture of humor, self-deprecating jokes, and real-world practical advice to anyone who wants to make better images, no matter their skill level, equipment, or budget.

Here are three videos that give a good idea of the type of subjects thay cover:

From PixBoomBa

Here’s more tips on Shooting Wildlife.

From PixBoomBa

More on how to take informal portraits.


From PixBoomBa

Here’s more on Stealth Photography.

Being informative and entertaining — being serious without taking oneself too seriously — is the mark of a pro, and all I can say is, visit and learn.