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Photographers Make The Worst Subjects, Here’s Proof

Magnum Annual General Meeting 2011 from Magnum in Motion on Vimeo.

Rene Burri photographs the Magnum Annual General Meeting group portrait. He’s been doing that for over 30 years. Listen as he gives directions to the photographers down below while perched over a ledge. Is he using one of those compact mirorless with an external EVF? Interesting.

Filmed by Chien-Chi Chang, produced by Magnum in Motion.

source pdnpulse


  • Since it is Rene Burri, I’d guess he’s using a Leica (probably an M8 or M9, but I do not know those close enough to tell by seeing the back of it).


  • You’re probably right.

    It does seem though that more and more pros are unabashedly using the new compact mirrorless. Even Leica is slated to be introducing something later on in the same vein, so I guess their time has come.