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Panasonic Professional Cameras VariCam 35 4K & Varicam HS: Firmware Ver. 3.01-00-0.02 for Workflow/Video Updates May 14, 2015

The following video presents An exploration in 4K with the VariCam 35 from Varicam on Vimeo.

The beautiful World Heritage sites in Turkey – “Historic Areas of Istanbul”, “Goreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia”, and “Hierapolic-Pamukkale” were captured with the Panasonic professional 4K camera, VariCam 35. This video introduces behind the scenes highlights during the shooting. Through the interviews of a Varicam 35 developer and users, you will get to know the features of the VariCam 35.

Watch aslo Captured on VariCam 35: “Timeless legacies of light, shadows, and flowing water” at

Panasonic recently released the Firmware Ver.3.01-00-0.02 for both VariCam 35 4K professional camera and Varicam HS professional camera on May 14, 2015, for improvements in workflow and video editing.

VariCam Software (Firmware) Update

  • Last Update: May 14, 2015
  • Model: AU-V35C1G, AU-V23HS1G, AU-VREC1G
  • Registered Name/Size: VSI6060J / 139MB
    Expected Time for Update Approx. 60min

Firmware Ver 3.01-00-0.xx
   RECORDER  :3.01-00-0.10
Firmware Viewfinder
AU-VCVF1    :1.06-00-0.00 (VSI6043F)

The following functions are added:

Added formats

  1. [35 | HS] Apple ProRes HQ (HD) VFR 1-120p/1-100p
  2. [35 | HS] AVC-Intra444      (HD)
  3. [35 | HS] AVC-Intra200      (HD)
  4. [35 ]       AVC-Intra2K 444  (2K)


  1. [35 | HS] Water Mark
  2. [35 | HS] FALSE COLOR
  3. [35 | HS] Noise Reduction
  5. [35 | HS] The aspect for MON OUT (4K/2K) can be selected.
  6. [35 | HS] Interval / One Shot / PreREC function
  7. [35 | HS] VFR (up to 60p) in SUB recording
  8. [35 ]       Low ISO support
  9. [35 ]       LDS Lens Data Support (Master Prime)
    *Ultra Prime lens is not supported.
  10.       [HS] Focus assist functions can be assigned to LENS RET-SW USER button.
  11. [35 | HS] Support for AK-HRP200 Ver.5.01-00-0.07
    * REC Start / Stop using AK-HRP200 are possible over IP Connections. (Push VF POWER and STORE buttons simultaneously.)

[ 35:AU-V35C1, HS:AU-V23HS1 ] [ 4K:4096×2160, UHD:3840×2160, 2K:2048×1080, HD:1920×1080 ]

Please click here for more details about the firmware update, and instructions to download it.

This video presents Panasonic VARICAMs: From 4K to High Speed #NAB2015.

  • Details on VARICAM 35, VARICAM HS and ISO5000.
  • Discussion of feature sets and applications.
  • Panasonic at NAB2015.