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Panasonic: New Firmware Ver 4.0 Update (July 6, 2015) for VariCam 35 & VariCam HS Professional Cameras is Now Available: New Features Include Support for AU-VEXT1 Extension Unit

This video presents Panasonic VARICAMs: From 4K to High Speed #NAB2015.

  • Details on VARICAM 35, VARICAm HS and ISO5000.
  • Discussion of feature sets and applications.
  • Panasonic at NAB2015.

This is an update to the previous blog, Panasonic: Five-meter Extension Cable Unit for Its VariCam 35 4K and VariCam HS Professional Camera/Recorders is Now Available: Permits Operational Separation of Camera Head from Recorder for Mobility, Agility & Reduced Weight.

Panasonic recently released the VariCam Software (Firmware) Update for VariCam AU-V35C1G / V23HS1G / AU-VREC1G on July 6, 2015.

Last Update July 6, 2015
Registered Name/Size: VSI6060L / 156MB, VSI6043G; Expected Time for Update Approx. 60min

Ver 4.01-00-0.0x
RECORDER :4.01-00-0.01
AU-VCVF1 :1.07-00-0.00 (VSI6043G)

The following functions are added:


[35 | HS] Support for AU-VEXT1 Extension Unit
*When using AU-VEXT1G together with AU-V23HS1G, AU-V23HS1G may require upgrade. Contact your dealer for more information
[35 | HS] ProRes 4444 (HD) is added in MAIN recorder
[35 | HS] Support for PREREC in ProRes recording mode
[35] Support for CODEX V-RAW Recorder
[35] Support for anamorphic lenses (SUB recorder)
[35] Support for Image Flip-Flop (SUB recorder)
[35] ISO5000 as a reference value for adjustment
The following Item of menu “USER SW1” and “USER SW 2” is changed.
New : IN CLR / SQ / MONO

Explanatory notes
[ 35:AU-V35C1, HS:AU-V23HS1 ] [ 4K:4096×2160, UHD:3840×2160, 2K:2048×1080, HD:1920×1080 ]

To download the firmware update and for more info, please go to .